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Changes In Search Engine Optimization And Marketing

Changes in Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Search engines continue to be a critical part of any eCommerce strategy. While social media may have taken some of the thunder away from search engines for brand awareness and recognition, the majority of people looking to buy online still use search engines for product discovery.

Over a year ago we sat down with our resident search engine expert, Neil Lemons, and discussed how search engine marketing worked with eCommerce. This time we’re sitting down with Neil again to discuss some of the major trends and changes in search engine optimization and marketing:

What are some things retailers overlook from time to time in regards to optimizing their site to make it friendly for search engines?

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Understanding Gender And ECommerce

Understanding Gender and eCommerce

Men and Women eCommerce

Men and women have shopped differently for generations, well before the first eCommerce store launched. While it’s easy to translate the differences in retail settings, (low height shelves in women’s stores, hands-on product displays in men’s stores) for some retailers making the transition online has been more difficult when it comes to optimizing their online shopping experience for their targeted gender.

Here are some of the ways the tendencies of the different genders affect eCommerce…

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