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Everyday World of U.S. Online Shopping (INFOGRAPHIC)

Our newest infographic focuses on the everyday world of eCommerce in the United States, including a closer look into the eyewear, health & beauty, apparel and accessories, consumer electronics, watches and jewerly, entertainment, handbags, and footwear. Take a look!

Everyday World of eCommerce in the United States Infographic

As you can see above, U.S. online shopping continues to grow and reach many areas of our everyday life. From what we wear to what we read, the products available to consumers continues to increase with a broad product selection.

Moving forward, it will be interesting to see how the amount spent online will continue to grow for different product categories. For example, will entertainment sales still continue to grow the fastest or will these sales be surpassed by another category? How will apparel and accessories fare online in the coming years in the United States?

With the eCommerce industry constantly changing, it’s possible consumers will be able to acquire everyday products more easily and thus retailers will be able to become more creative with “distinguishing” and unique products (especially handbags and jewelry). These products are often key to the personal style of an individual and the ability for retailers to offer a wider array of products may allows consumers to further refine their personal style.