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Cyber Monday 2015 Results (INFOGRAPHIC)

Another year, another Cyber Monday. As we continue on from our Cyber Monday 2014 results blog post last year, here are some of the key Cyber Monday 2015 results and stats. Our infographic features facts and data on total Cyber Monday 2015 sales, mobile and tablet sales (including sales by operating system), the demographics of Cyber Monday shoppers, and general overall web trends around Cyber Monday.



2015 Cyber Monday Infographic


In short, Cyber Monday 2015 continued to display the increasing power of mobile sales on the now $3 billion and biggest U.S. online shopping day of the year. This year in particular, it is interesting to see the specific demographic information of Cyber Monday shoppers and how much shoppers spend depending on the device utilized to place the Cyber Monday order.

In conclusion, since its official inception in 2006, Cyber Monday sales have continued to increase every single year and show little signs of slowing down in the near future. As it’s becoming almost commonplace for online retailers to now launch unique promotions both before and after Cyber Monday, it will be interesting to see how this digital retail holiday (and the days surrounding it) will continue to evolve in the coming years!