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Cyber Monday 2014 Results (INFOGRAPHIC)

As we continue on from our Cyber Monday 2013 results blog post last year, here is our compilation of Cyber Monday 2014 results. Our infographic features data and facts on total Cyber Monday sales, mobile and tablet sales (including sales by operating system), the social media influence on Cyber Monday, and general overall web trends around Cyber Monday.



In short, Cyber Monday 2014 showed the power of mobile devices on the biggest U.S. online shopping day of the year. This year in particular, it is interesting to see how 2014 Cyber Monday sales impacted specific product categories (a first compared to Cyber Monday analysis results in the past). In conclusion, since its official inception in 2006, Cyber Monday sales have increased every single year – a trend that is likely to continue. With all of the excitement around Cyber Monday 2014 it will be interesting to see the total growth figures at the end of the holiday season!