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Innovations In Web Analytics

Innovations in Web Analytics

Experts in eCommerce have never expected more from their web analytics than they do today. The analytics industry has evolved from merely tracking site visitors to key eCommerce metrics including where these visitors come from, how much they spend, and how successful each channel is at finding visitors who convert into customers. The web analytics industry is changing in many ways. Online retailers now have more information available to them about their customers than ever before, but not all countries are happy with this level of knowledge. The European Union in particular has enacted mandatory opt-in notifications for tracking cookies on websites, a move which could greatly hinder the web analytics industry to track even simple analytics data. With so many recent and future changes I sat down with our web analytics expert, John Runyon, to get his opinion on the changes in the industry…

Given the recent innovations in web analytics, what are some relatively new key indicators brands are starting to look at to maximize their ROI in their online retail efforts?

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