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ECommerce Lessons – Was 2021 The Year The Tide Firmly Turned?

eCommerce lessons – was 2021 the year the tide firmly turned?

2021 was the year that the “perfect storm”  hit retail – with fuel crises in the autumn, the effects of Brexit continuing to cause cross-border difficulties, and labour, warehouse and delivery partner shortages rife as the pandemic’s impact remained strong.…

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The Rise Of The “micro-influencer”

The rise of the “micro-influencer”

Social commerce has been one of the fastest growing retail trends – especially over the last year. Accelerated by the events of 2020, following a brand’s page, a beauty sampler or fitness guru and then being able to purchase the…

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Past The Parcel – Amazon Vs. Independent BPO

Past the parcel – Amazon vs. Independent BPO

The fulfillment process encompasses much more than simply shipping orders to customers. Warehouse management, overseeing inventory capabilities, building positive relationships with reliable carriers, customer service teams, personalization services, real-time data tracking and understanding compliance updates - these are just some…

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