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5 Things To Know About E-Mail Marketing In The U.S.

5 Things to Know About E-Mail Marketing in the U.S.

Although many online retailers have recently shifted their focus towards newer digital marketing options such as mobile ads and social media, e-mail marketing continues to evolve and be a core component of any digital marketing strategy. Despite being around for over a decade, e-mail marketing continues to be an essential digital marketing tactic even as the industry is in a constant state of change.

So what should online retailers know about the current state of e-mail marketing? Here are 5 things…

1) E-mails sent late at night are successful for many online retailers – In a recent study done by Experian it was shown that open and click-through rates were the highest for many online retailers between the hours of 8PM and 12AM. Consumers not only converted at a higher rate during these evening hours but they also spent approximately $50 more per order.

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Tactics To Stop & Prevent Cart Abandonment

Tactics to Stop & Prevent Cart Abandonment

eCommerce abandoned cart

Getting consumers to visit an eCommerce site is a task within itself – retailers spend thousands on e-mail marketing, SEM campaigns, and display advertising in hopes of driving traffic to their eCommerce site. Site designs are practical and finding products is easy, yet the shopping cart abandonment rates are at an all-time high of 72% and are expected to increase in 2012. Consumers are visiting eCommerce sites but are not “pulling the trigger” on purchases, especially when they are new to the site, and combating this behavior is becoming more difficult.

How can retailers deal with rising cart abandonment rates? To find out more information on the topic I sat down with our cart abandonment expert and eCommerce strategist, Doug Mitchell…

What are some current tactics retailers are finding effective in combating cart abandonment?

Re-targeting e-mails are easily the most effective way to curb cart abandonment, but adding a persistent cart to a site (where items remain in the cart after a customer exits the site) is also important. Throughout the site adding a cart icon with the number of items currently in the cart is also a good tactic as it makes consumers aware they have items in their cart, especially if they are returning to the site and may have forgotten about the items.

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The Future Of E-mail Marketing

The Future of E-mail Marketing

Many online retailers are already well-versed in e-mail marketing, making it easy for some to focus on newer innovations in online marketing such as social media and search engine marketing. With the attention and budget focused elsewhere to keep up with competitors, how can retailers make the most of their e-mail marketing efforts? What can be done to keep up with current industry trends?

To answer these questions and more, I sat down with our Senior Solutions Architect and e-mail marketing veteran, Jeff Murray:

E-mail marketing is one of the oldest forms of online marketing, having existed now for well over a decade. What in your opinion are the e-mail marketing concepts which have changed dramatically over this period of time and the concepts which have stayed relatively the same?

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