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2016 Canada eCommerce Market

The 2016 Canada eCommerce Market features a sophisticated economy and a growing eCommerce industry, expected to total nearly $40 billion by 2018. Over 17% of Canadians make online retail purchases via mobile devices more than once a week, and omni-channel fulfillment initiatives are growing in popularity.

Additional information about the 2016 Canada eCommerce Market:

  • Canada sees their biggest rise in sales during Cyber Week
  • Canadians shop more abroad than they do domestically, with 67% of purchases going to other countries
  • Credit cards are the top digital payment method of choice, utilized by 93% of shoppers
  • By 2018, Canada is expected to have approximately 20 million digital buyers
  • Canada is home to two official languages, presenting a unique obstacle for retailers

Download the 2016 Canada eCommerce Market Profile to learn more:

The 2016 Canada eCommerce market profile is the eighth post for our Global eCommerce Book series. In this book, we will explore the top 10 eCommerce markets around the world and will highlight key stats on major shopping days, cross-border shopping, industry projections, demographics, and more.

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The next profile will feature Brazil, the largest eCommerce market in Latin America.