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2015 Europe Mobile Commerce Infographic

As mobile commerce continues to grow worldwide, Europe is one continent that continues to see large increases in both smartphone and tablet commerce transactions. However, this growth and the way both smartphones and tablets are used for commerce can vary drastically from country to country within Europe.

Our new 2015 Europe Mobile Commerce infographic looks at how countries in Europe are similar and different regarding mobile sales and the consumer perception of mobile commerce in leading European countries.

Some of the key data evaluated includes…

  • Total smartphone and tablet usage by country
  • Total mobile commerce sales (2014) and projected 2015 sales by country
  • The percentage of consumers from leading European countries currently engaging in mobile commerce (both on smartphone and tablet devices)
  • The percentage of digital retail transaction on smartphones and tablets for leading European countries
  • Smartphone shoppers in Europe who have purchased in app compared to mobile browsers


There are also some interesting facts unique to each country that truly display how different each European country is in their approach to mobile commerce.

Check out the infographic below for all the information!